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Endorsed! Our Revolution Ohio!

Our Revolution Ohio                                                                                                      216-324-5036                                                                                               Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Our Revolution Ohio is Proud to Announce the Endorsement of Judge Terri Jamison for 10th District Court of Appeals Columbus, OH. 

Today we are proud to announce the Our Revolution Ohio Endorsement of Judge Terri Jamison for the 10th District.  Tenth District has original jurisdiction to Worker's Comp, Victims of Crime and Court of Claims appeals. These appeals are normally from the working class and they should have someone on the Court of Appeals that understands their claims. The balance of the Court of Appeals here could change in this next election and claims for money damages for the working class should be heard fairly without any bias toward protecting the government when and if the government has wronged the people.

“I began the Compass Program in 2014 to help unemployed obligors of child support to remove barriers to employment. Not only does the program help reduce the number of jail days that obligors are incarcerated, it helps drive them down the road to success in parenting and paying their obligations. The program has been in place now for more than 6 years with men and women becoming gainfully employed, getting driving privileges reinstated, obtaining GED or employment certifications and ultimately paying their child support. Some have come back to court to get parenting rights or custody of their children..”  Judge Terri Jamison

We believe that Judge Jamison has the experience, vision and judgement to be fair and execute her position thoughtfully, and compassionately.

We encourage you to vote for Judge Jamison, check your voting status and request an absentee ballot:  Visit her website to donate or volunteer:

Join Our Revolution Ohio to help transform our state and elect great candidates like Judge Terri Jamison:  Visit our website for more information:


Committee for Terri Jamison
545 East Town Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 845-0209
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